Current/checking accounts

A current/checking account from FTB is the most convenient way to maintain easy, secure and regular access to your money, without having to visit the bank or carry large amounts of cash.

When you open an account we issue you with one free cheque book. Clearance on cheques written from your FTB current/checking account is completely free, so you can write as many cheques as you want - as long as you have sufficient funds in your account.

The application and transaction process is fast and simple and our experienced customer services team is always available to help and advise you. Please don't hesitate to visit one of our branches or call us on 023 722 466.
Terms and Conditions

Current/checking accounts are available for all legally registered organisations (e.g. private companies, state-owned companies, banking and financial institutions, registered associations, community groups, charities, Non-Government organisations).
Minimum opening deposit of USD 500.00 (or the equivalent in Khmer Riel) is required to open an account.
Minimum balance of USD 500.00 (or the equivalent in Khmer Riel) is required.
When opening a current/checking account you will need to present any commercial registration documents, articles of association and/or other documents which show your company/organisation is registered and operating legally and, for the security of your money, provide a sample of the normal signatures of anyone who will have access to the account.
For a full list of rates and fees relating to current/checking accounts please refer to the 'Rates & Fees' page of this website.




EXCHANGE RATE DATE: 30 Mar 2020​​​  

BUY  RATE 1 USD = 4,070
SELL RATE 1 USD = 4,095